Our Parish Boundaries

Every Church of Scotland congregation  has a responsibility for mission and ministry to  a geographical area. This is called a parish.  The boundary of our parish is defined as follows:

From River Don at Persley Bridge, midline Mugiemoss Road, Great Northern Road to junction with Manor Drive, line projected W to S of Auchmill Terrace, then W and S skirting Howes and Bonnyview schemes to Davidson Drive, midline Davidson Drive, Howes Road to point opposite Netherhills Avenue, line projected NW to Netherhills Avenue, midline Netherhills Avenue, Kepplehills Road, Inverurie Road, W to Corsehill, line E running just N of Walton and Greenburn to a point on the S boundary of Wellheads Industrial Estate, line to Wellheads roundabout on Stoneywood Road, line to River Don at a point opposite Grandhome House, midline River Don to starting point at Persley Bridge.

Don’t worry if you live outside this area. You WILL still receive a warm welcome. We also regularly work in partnership with neighbouring churches on matters of common interest.

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Our Parish Boundaries

Whatever your interest in Bucksburn Stoneywood Church we also welcome you to join with us for worship at 10:30am Sunday mornings[/sdf_text_block][/sdf_col][/sdf_row]

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