Hiring Our Church Hall

[sdf_hero id=”sdf-row-1″ last=”yes”][sdf_col id=”sdf-col-1″ width=”1/1″][sdf_headline id=”sdf-element-0″ module_width=”1/1″ top_margin=”10px” bottom_margin=”10px” title_heading=”h2″ font_family=”Open Sans:700″ font_size=”25px” line_height=”” letter_spacing=”” text_color=”” text_alignment=”center” entrance_animation=”No” entrance_animation_duration=”” rotate_words=”no” rotator_delay=”1000″ rotator_separator=”” fit_text=”no” fit_compressor=”” fit_min_font_size=”” fit_max_font_size=”” class=””]Did You Know You Could Rent Our Church Hall?[/sdf_headline][sdf_text_block id=”sdf-element-1″ module_width=”1/1″ top_margin=”” bottom_margin=”” max_width=”” text_alignment=”left” font_family=”Helvetica Neue,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif” font_size=”18px” line_height=”” text_color=”” entrance_animation=”No” entrance_animation_duration=”” link=”” link_title=”” target=”” nofollow=”no” class=””]Yes, but there are some common sense rules.

You will be asked to sign a formal agreement for the use of the hall. It will list requirements such as Health and Safety, fire regulations etc. These are important but not too heavy.

We rent out to

  • fitness groups,
  • children’s parties,
  • gardening clubs,
  • country dancing etc.

The rent varies with the use.

Contact the Clerk to the Congregational Board, Muriel Rennie. 01224 712007

Picture of hall, kitchen etc and description details will be added shortly[/sdf_text_block][/sdf_col][/sdf_hero]