Thursday evening fellowship

From Now On

On Thursday evenings in March we are following what has been described as a ‘brilliant new Lent Course for 2019, based on the hugely popular film ‘The Greatest Showman.’’ 

The 2018 Golden Globe-nominated movie starring Hugh Jackman, about the founder and stars of the Barnum & Bailey Circus is ideal for Lenten study of Christian themes of hope, redemption and new life. 

The five-week course offers discussion points, biblical reflections and prayers based on short excerpts from the film. The themes are:

 (1) `A Million Dreams’, exploring what liberation and hope might look like for an `outsider’ in the world; 

(2) `Come Alive’, exploring how the family of faith can bring hope and purpose; 

(3) `Rewrite the stars’, asks what forms of resistance can be placed in the way of salvation; 

(4) `Never Enough’, questions the temptations of false fulfilment that can lead us to betrayal; 

(5) `The Greatest Show’, shows how redemption is found when we discover `the circus is our home’.