Our Sunday Worship Service starts at 10:30 am and will usually last about an hour.

As you come in you will be given a hymn book (either Church Hymnary 4th edition or Mission Praise). You will also  be given an intimation sheet.  As well as notices, the sheet gives you the order of service and any other worship songs we might be singing.

Most folks sit downstairs but others prefer to sit in the upstairs gallery.

Have You Any Disabilities?

If you are a wheelchair user or you have a child’s buggy, there are pews removed at the front and side to give space to manoeuvre. (There is a wheelchair accessible toilet in the building).

If standing is uncomfortable for you, then do please remain seated when we stand to sing hymns. People will understand!

If you use a hearing aid then put your switch to the ‘T’ setting to pick up the hearing loop. If hearing aids do not help you much, then a full script of prayers and sermons is usually available.

Large print hymn books are available for those who cannot make out the small print. Just ask as you come in![

Unlike some churches, we take our offering at the door rather than during the service. Regular members may use an envelope to give their offering but don’t worry if you don’t have one.

The offering is brought forward during the first short song we sing and is dedicated to God in prayer.

The heart of Reformed worship is the preaching of the Word. In our congregation, this means that the sermon is usually centred on unpacking the meaning of a Bible passage and applying it to today.

The sermon is likely to be part of a consecutive series following a book of the Bible or a particular theme.

Sometimes Powerpoint is used or films are shown.At the end of the service, the minister blesses the congregation and the offering is removed. We then leave the Church and the minister greets folk at the door. Do take the time to speak to others around you. There is no hurry to leave! On the first Sunday of the month we have refreshments in the hall.

We enjoy our faith and we celebrate God and his goodness shown to us in Jesus . By and large, we are measured in how we express ourselves in worship.

Easter in Bucksburn Stoneywood.

There are other congregations that are louder and more exuberant than we are and others that are more formal and liturgical. We are content with where we are.

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